Blue Cafe Bar, Ark Conference Centre
Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Monday, September 29, 2014
Dinwoodie Drive, Basingstoke, Hampshire. RG24 9NN
South East England
Art in the Ark Showcase - Ark Centre, Basingstoke Hampshire

This solo show of photography by Janet Curley Cannon is a selection of  images of many places, from small English towns to large American and European cities. They are snapshots, intended as a passing glance, a random fragment of urban reality that evokes memories of the everyday. They are a documentation of a moment in time, capturing the signs and surfaces that compete for our attention. These are the views that are easily overlooked and often irrelevant, taken from locations that are just interruptions in the daily commute.

Janet’s art is an observation of the attitudes, interests and concerns of the present day as gleaned from the surfaces and structures of the urban environment. Her interest is in the accidental, the incidental, and the transitory fragments of the recent past left behind in forgotten places. Derelict walls and rusting metals, faded or interfered with signage, cracked or worn tiles, and the accumulation of posters referencing topical events or promoting cultural attractions. All of these are varnished with the film of daily life, bearing witness to the effects of weather and the passage of time.

It is in areas of neglect where a city reveals the detritus of human culture, creating an ever-changing visual montage of modern civilization.Aged surfaces become a layered canvas holding the clues to the habits and routines of urban life. Through collecting this information, Janet is recording and presenting the peripheral moments of contemporary society.

The 24 photos on display in the Blue Cafe Bar, part of Art in the Ark, are a selection from a larger series, currently well over 100, compiled over many years. They are 10cm square ‘snapshots’ selected from Janet’s photographs taken during her travels both at home and abroad.