12 Years A Slave, the new film directed by Turner Prize-winning British artist Steve McQueen, has won Best Film (drama) at the Golden Globe Awards.

While the film American Hustle won in the most catergories (three), the drama award is considered the most prestigious and is seen as a clear indicator for Oscar success. The award for 12 Years A Slave follows a trawl of 10 BAFTA nominations for McQueen last week, including best film and director.

The American-made film, which tells the true 1853 story of free man turned slave Solomon Northup, stars British actor Chiwetel Ejiofor as Northup. It is McQueen’s third feature, following Shame (2011) and Hunger (2008). Michael Fassbender, star of McQueen’s other films, plays the brutal slave owner Edwin Epps in the film.