What kind of a year has 2014 been for you?
Like being on a waltzer at a fun fair run by a consortium of Alan Davey, the Vicar of Dibley and e-flux, with Ryan Gander wearing a brown leather money pouch, leaning on the railings smoking fags, and Jeremy Deller with his feet up in the control booth playing the music.

What has changed for the better and what, if anything, has changed for the worse?
The good news is that it is now officially more interesting to be working outside of London. The bad news is that the people who provide the commentary haven’t quite got that yet.

What do you wish hadn’t happened this year?
Waldemar Januszczak’s totally uncalled-for hatchet job on Penelope Curtis. So rude and so wrong.

What do you wish had happened this year, but didn’t?
English National Opera’s production of Team America, live-streamed for cinemas from the National Stadium Pyongyang.

What would you characterise as your major achievements this year and why?
1. The Nuisance of Landscape, Grizedale Arts’ multi-venue retrospective with Lakeland Arts Trust.
2. Confessions of the Imperfect: 1848 – 1989 – Today, exhibition at the Van Abbe Museum.
3. The Museum of Art Util and the Asociación de Arte Util with Tania Bruguera
4. Getting the gig at mima.
5. My paper on aesthetics at The Uses of Art conference in Hildesheim, until Georges Didi-Huberman said afterwards: “You are a poet.” Which I think is French for: “You are very imprecise and talked for too long.”

Is there anything you’d like to have done this year but haven’t?
How long have you got?

What would make 2015 a better year than 2014?
The world taking art more seriously than the culture industry does. No, seriously. Oh, and Bob and Roberta Smith taking Michael Gove’s seat in the general election. No, really seriously.


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