174 artists based throughout the UK have been awarded a share of £250,456.83 to fund their professional development. In the latest round of bursaries, Artists Bursaries 2021: Time Space Money, awards of £500-£1,500 were offered to a-n Artist members and Joint (Artist and Arts Organiser) members to support the continuation of artistic practice and to help alleviate the financial pressures that may have arisen through the ongoing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The bursaries will be used to fund a wide range of professional development activity enabling recipients to learn new skills, undertake research trips, build networks within and outside of the visual arts and rethink or pivot their practice to develop it in a new way. Aimed at supporting artists through a challenging time, Artists Bursaries 2021: Time Space Money received 683 applications from a-n members.

“It’s hugely encouraging to see a continued demand for our bursaries and to know that this funding will support artists to sustain and develop their practice. During these uncertain times, one thing we know for sure is that artists are resilient and a-n is proud of its commitment to enabling artists to thrive,” said Wing-Sie Chan, Head of Programmes at a-n.

Wing-Sie Chan led the selection panel along with artist and a-n Artists Council member Diana Ali, and independent curator, artists mentor and consultant Lucy Day.

Speaking about the selection process, Diana Ali said: “It’s been an exciting and positive experience to be on the panel. To receive so many ambitious proposals has been an eye opener to how resilient visual artists are despite the pandemic. Successful candidates were chosen based on their personal and professional outlook to continue their practice. They expressed the strength to move forward with their practice while being sensitive and celebratory to what we communicate as artists to society. The passion and the determination has shown that in unprecedented times, visual artists in the UK are courageous to strive to sustain practices.”

Lucy Day added: “Being a selector for a-n Artists Bursaries 2021: Time Space Money is a rare privilege. It affords a unique opportunity to gain insight into artists practices from a national perspective. Themes emerge as applications unfold and this year many addressed environmental concerns alongside trialling new ways of working (crossovers between fine art and ceramics is definitely having a moment!). Particularly poignant was the articulation of grief and loss through practice, and the desire to reconnect with other artists.

“Understandably international travel wasn’t a possible route this year, however I enjoyed reading how artists were looking to forge international contacts and explore digital opportunities that they may not have previously considered. The versatility, agility and joyous creativity shining through so many applications made for tough decisions. Huge congratulations to those that were successful, and to those that weren’t – your commitment to your practices really does have impact. Keep going – we need you all!”

a-n Artists Bursaries: Time Space Money launched in March 2020 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, as an iteration of a-n’s annual bursary programme. To date, a-n has distributed £727,816.09 through this programme to 543 artists whose livelihoods have been impacted.

The full list of a-n members to receive a-n Artist Bursaries 2021 is:
David Alesworth, Ellen Angus, Laura Asselborn, Jennifer Bailey, Claire Baily, Matthew Bamber, Stella Baraklianou, Helen Barff, Sharon Bennett, Rhine Bernardino, Stephanie Black-Daniels, Simon Bloor, Anna Boland, Harriet Bowman, Elizabeth Brady, Abigail Brothers, Rebecca Buckley, Lindsey Bull, Alice Burnhope, Effie Burns Krasimira Butseva Tom Cardew, Dorcas Casey, Estella Castle, Diane Chappalley, Kate Clayton, Alice Clough, Sarah Cole, Grace Collins, Laura Copsey, Ada Cotton, Lynn Cox, Sarah Craske, Maya de Almeida Araujo, Janet Davis, Rosanna Dean, Simon Lee Dicker, Erin Dickson, Leni Dothan, Marysa Dowling, Gen Doy, Laura Drever, Jeannie Driver, Thomas Duggan, Mio Ebisu, Joshua Fay, Nili Feferberg, Tom Fisher, Tomoko Freeman, Jamie George, Ian Giles, Lauren Godfrey, Sarah Goudie, Georgie Grace, Fiona Grady, Victoria Gray, Kate Green, Emma Gregory, Michael Gurhy, Dan Guthrie, Rhiannon Gwyn, Youcef Hadjazi, Jason Hall, Simon Hall, Felicity Hammond, Kerrie Hanna, Hayley Harrison, Rebecca Harvey, Emily Hawes, Maud HAYA-BAVIERA, Ryan Heath, Jessica Higgins, Laura Hindmarsh, Joey Holder, Jamie Holman, Mary Hooper, Will Hughes, Helena Hunter, Malgorzata Jablonska, Poppy Jackson, Elizabeth Jackson, Rebecca Jagoe, Sarah Jenkins, Woojin Jeon, Eva Jonas, Lucy Joyce, Calum F Kerr, Beth Kettel, Sahjan Kooner, Brigita Kudirkaite, Henrietta Landells, Liane Lang, Kelly Large, Jo Lathwood, Candice Lau, Jane Lawson, Shinhoo Lee, Claire Lee, David Lemm, Alastair Levy, Adam Lewis Jacob, Violetta Liszka, Catherine Long, Jo Longhurst, Anna Lukala, Juliet MacDonald, Jonathan MacKinnon, Natasha MacVoy, Jessica Mallard, Tyler Mallison, Sue Mann, Bella Marrin, Edgar Martins, Bex Massey, Naho Matsuda, Marianne McGurk, ashley middleton, Donna Mitchell, Marina Moreno, Huma Mulji, Dana Munro, Elizabeth Murphy, Nika Neelova, Bridget O’Gorman, Basil Olton, Andrew Parker, Carol Parker, Joanna Pearl, Neena Percy, Trevor Pitt, Jamila Prowse, Fliss Quick, Remi Rana Allen, Anna Reading, Abigail Reynolds, Maggie Roberts, Jeanne Robertson, Freddie Robins, Phil Root, Pablo Rubio, Dagmara Rudkin, Tina Salvidge, Helen Schell, Pamela Schilderman, Alys Scott-Hawkins, Rosie Sherwood, Wendy Short, Holly Slingsby, Nick Smith, Emily Snell, Tony Spencer, Luminara Star Florescu, Grzegorz Stefanski, Lucy Steggals, Agnieszka Szczotka, Petra Szeman, Marcia Teusink, Monica Tolia, Gisela Torres, Lisa Traxler, Joyce Treasure, Rebekah Ubuntu, Tessa Waite, Lily Wales, Jessica Wetherly, Douglas White, Hannah White, Catriona J Whiteford, Sasha Wilde, Daniel Wilkinson, Josh Wright, Jian Yi, Sonja Zelic, Sergei Zinchuk.

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