Eleven artists have been awarded nine Re:view bursaries in the latest round of this a-n professional development scheme. The artists/collaborators receive between £500 and £1000 each to develop their own bespoke professional development programmes.

The awards, designed to interrogate and advance individual art practices through artist-to-artist or curator-to-artist critique, were granted to a-n Artist members from across the UK.

The artists will report on the process and outcomes of their bursary on www.a-n.co.uk/blogs. From 24 applications, a total of £7,568 was awarded.

The recipients in this third round of Re:view bursaries are: Grace Harrison (Liverpool); Cara Nahaul (Hertfordshire); Felicity Truscott (Eastbourne); Susie Green (Newcastle); Laura-Jane Atkinson (Manchester); John Kellock (Glasgow); Tracey Kershaw (Nottingham); Freya Dooley (Cardiff); and Jacqueline Utley, Claudia Bose and Hayley Field (London and Suffolk).

Creative development

Grace Harrison will benefit from artist-to-artist peer sessions, shared methodologies and meetings with artist-poet Nathan Jones in Liverpool, as well as with artists based in Rotterdam and Wakefield. She said: “I have a strong belief in self-led, peer-to-peer learning and feel this bursary would enable me to test further this approach to creative and personal development.”

Cara Nahaul will use her bursary to expand upon the development and peer critique received during her current studio residency at the Florence Trust foundation, inviting three artists, a curator and an art critic who are each already familiar with her work to visit her studio for critical feedback.

She said: “It is my painting that has led me to apply for this bursary, as I would like to continue researching and developing this work once my residency is completed in August 2015.”

Felicity Truscott is expanding her practice through action drawings and will use her bursary to learn from a number of artist-mentors. Truscott will also spend this development period researching and exploring locations within which to create and place her works.

Curatorial and expert support

Having recently relocated from London to Newcastle, cross-disciplinary artist Susie Green will be mentored by NGCA curator George Vasey to develop her practice and new opportunities for exhibiting and funding her work.

Laura-Jane Atkinson has shaped a rounded professional development programme that will support her development as an emerging artist through insights into funding, marketing, alongside artist-to-artist peer critique.

Over the course of eight months, Jacqueline Utley, Claudia Bose and Hayley Field plan to undertake a series of four professional critiques. These will allow them to review and reflect on their recent collaborative project Obscure Secure, to bring this learning into a new project the trio are developing around the work and archives of artist Mary Potter.

Tracey Kershaw, who is based at Backlit studios in Nottingham, will also be using her award to received structured mentoring and critique sessions over the period of a year, with the aim of developing skills and strategies that she will be able to use continuously in her practice. Specifically, she will be looking to explore practical aspects surrounding her practice, including “how best to develop and present specific works”.

National and international encounters 

Cardiff-based artist Freya Dooley will use her bursary to travel and meet with mentors in Glasgow, Birmingham, Newcastle and Bristol in order to learn from their practices and to link up artistic communities within South Wales with other burgeoning communities around the UK.

John Kellock (Glasgow) will also travel with his bursary, encountering artists, sociologists and cultural producers in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey. The Re:view award will enable the artist to develop collaborations and share skills and knowledge towards the development of international projects that consider environmental and social issues within cultures.

“As I am currently reflecting upon a large period of research in Europe and Central America, I feel it is incredibly important for me to have this professional and peer critique on my work to progress into more far reaching and ambitious art works, projects, exhibitions and workshops,” said Kellock.

Along with two further bursary strands – Go and See and New Collaborations – Re:view bursaries form part of a-n’s commitment to professional development provision, a programme that also includes information and networking sessions and seminars, online toolkits and expert guides.

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