Once again, Marion Michell’s blog, Sleep Drunk I Dance, has clinched the top spot in our Artists talking Top ten. Her blog amassed a mightily impressive score of 1,856,892 in March, as a result of receiving 2,284 page views with the average reader spending 13:33 minutes on her page during this period. The score is worked out by multiplying the number of page views by the time spent on the page in seconds.

In her most recent post, Mitchell recounts a story of buying what was listed as a 1930’s baby’s sailor-suit on eBay: ‘It arrived carefully pressed and folded in layers of tissue paper and the moments of unwrapping were precious. A gift from the past – even if I’d given it to myself. I acquired the little outfit because I remembered a photograph of my dad as a small boy, wearing a sailor-suit. I wanted to get my hands on a real one, let it stand in for what hasn’t come down to me – objects from my father’s childhood which I could touch, explore, tell stories through.’

Kate Murdoch’s blog Keeping It Going is doing just that, and flying high at number 3. In it she muses on whether she will be able to maintain a blog at the same time as being creative in the studio, and whether it will it help or hinder her practice as an artist. From where we’re sitting, it would seem the former is the case!

New entries come into the fray via Denmark-Brighton Contemporary Ceramics Project, a blog by J Kay Aplin at number 4, and Daddy, I’m a man! by AnnaMaria Pinaka & Jennifer Picken at number 10, wrapping up yet another strong month for the bloggers on Artists talking.

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