For the third month running, Marion Michell‘s Artists talking blog, Sleep-drunk I dance, is number one in our Artists talking Top Ten. Michell’s blog racked up an impressive overall score of 408,700 in February – the highest ever score since we started tracking the blogs back in March 2011 – beating her own previous record of 367,416. The figure is worked out by multiplying the number of page views by the time spent on the page in seconds.

‘My art grows around me,’ writes Michell by way of introduction to her blog. ‘My flat is filled with objects I have made over the last few years. There is always something going on, something new developing. But this creativity in the living room, due to M.E. my only possibility, has its drawbacks. How do you evaluate your practice? How do you get your work seen? How do you connect and communicate with other artists and art professionals?’

Elsewhere in the Top Ten the list, at number two Elena Thomas explores ‘connections between words, music and a bundle of old clothes’ in her ever-enjoyable Threads. Still going strong at number five is Emily Speed’s Getting Paid, which offers reflections on the burning issues facing artists trying to make a living from their practice.

Art meets education at number four with Bo Jones’ The Art of Teaching, which guides us through his search for new ideas and inspiration. And there’s a new entry at number seven from Conversations with myself by Louise Clark.

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