With NFTs dropping into the art market, ChatGPT sweeping the world and ‘everyone on social media’, the recent popularity of new technologies and AI software has brought with it fierce debate in the creative industry.

With each new (re)invention comes questions around authenticity, authorship, consent and more broadly, what it means to be an artist in a digital world, plus the future of art itself.

From policies that determine who should be paid for copyrighted works, to opportunities to explore new types of creation and collaboration, join artists Teemu Mäki, Marcel Noack and Antonio Roberts and theorist Jelena Guga as they uncover how to tackle the threats and embrace the potential of technology.

Attend the symposium in person in Belgrade or tune in online (of course!) to hear how artists have reacted or not to digital trends, forging new pathways, redefining their identity and owning a narrative of adaptability, innovation, and reflection.

About the Symposium

The symposium took place on Wednesday 18 October 2023 in Belgrade, Serbia and was live streamed via Zoom.

View the Symposium programme (opens as PDF)
(9am – 4pm BST)

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The International Artists Association of Europe (IAA Europe) symposium 2023 is hosted by the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia (ULUS).

IAA Europe is a network of national member organisations within Europe, representing professional visual artists and aiming to improve the economic position of artists at a national and international level.

The Association of Fine Artists of Serbia (ULUS) is one of the leading and one of the oldest professional art associations in Serbia, as it celebrated its centennial in 2019. It represents over 2,500 fine artists, fulfilling its mission in promoting and protecting the working and professional rights and interests of visual artists, but also in organising exhibitions and discursive programmes. The special interests of ULUS in the local and international context are advocacy for fair practices and improvement of the social function of visual arts, thus improving the artists’ position and status.