Despite funding cuts, reduced freelance opportunities and ongoing austerity measures it seems there’s still a wealth of positive reasons to work in the arts. Artist, AIR Council member and founder of Zeitgeist Arts Projects Rosalind Davis asked her Twitter following what keeps them motivated. She was inundated with responses from artists and curators. Here are just a few:

@thisladypaints the constant urge to create

@JackJHutchinson Creation. Growth. Success. Failure. People. Drawing. Insight. Beauty. New horizons…

@markscottwood the biggest reason is just the sheer pleasure that comes from finishing the thing you’re working on, I find it immense…

@Debrisdaily intellectual growth spliced with adult playtime … and Titian

@AlistairGentry If you can, why wouldn’t you? Best job ever … I love art, literature, films, plays & all the other products of human imagination that make a person truly alive.

@mjacksonesq mostly because I like helping other people do things. … my favourite bit is the sound of a silent photographer documenting an exhibition. A sound of observation. Delicious.

@speedina working around amazing people as well as constantly being in scary, challenging fun situations and erm, love.

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