Artists in Canada are celebrating after a new set of minimum fees for exhibiting with the National Gallery of Canada was ratified, following a vote by members of  Canadian Artists’ Representation/Le Front des artistes Canadiens (CARFAC) and Regroupement des artistes visuels du Québec (RAAV).

The three-year agreement between the artists’ groups and the gallery sets out mandatory fees and working conditions offered to artists. Individual artists remain free to negotiate above these minimums, but they can never be offered less.

The result means a significant increase in fees paid for temporary exhibitions. For example, artists will receive $8,250 for a solo exhibition, and $16,500 to represent Canada at the Venice Biennale.

Additionally, artists will be compensated for professional services offered to the gallery, including preparation and installation of an exhibition, and providing lectures and public presentations. The gallery will also pay the recommended rates for image reproductions set out by CARFAC. The agreement includes an annual increase of 1.5%.

CARFAC president, Grant McConnell, said: “We would like to thank our members for voting and for the commitment you have shown to the importance of this agreement.”

RAAV president, Manon Pelletier added: “The results of this vote indicate artists’ confidence in CARFAC and RAAV as bargaining representatives, as well as the certainty that we have achieved a fair and reasonable agreement with the National Gallery of Canada.”

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