Students and supporters took to the streets in Falmouth yesterday to protest against the closure of Falmouth University’s Contemporary Crafts course and what is seen as the increasing commercialisation of education.

The demonstration, organised to coincide with the inauguration of Dawn French as the university’s new chancellor, follows the announcement last November that the course was closing.

Organised by the No Course Closures campaign, NCC campaigner Alex Falconer – writing on the website of The Student Assembly Against Austerity – said: “We took the action today because education is about enlightenment, diversity and learning how to make a better society.

“Around 50 of us marched through the town, a mixture of students, staff and members of the local community, embodying the very values of what university is meant to create.”

Falmouth University has said that the course has been closed due to a lack of demand and low employment opportunities for graduates, a claim that is disputed by the campaigners.

Goldsmiths occupation

Yesterday also saw protests from students at Goldsmiths, London, who occupied Deptford Town Hall, where the university’s management services department is based.

The occupation was part of an ongoing campaign against what protestors believe is the mismanagement of the university.

From 2pm on Saturday, the Occupy Goldsmiths group plans to hold a festival at the town hall in support of the Free University movement.