The John Moores Painting Summit invites students, graduates, artists and anyone interested in a career in the arts to meet experts from The Royal Standard and National Museums Liverpool. They will provide discussions around topics such as preparing an artist’s statement, pricing work and submitting exhibition proposals.

The stellar line-up of speakers includes Andrew Bracey, lecturer and John Moores 2004 exhibitor; Leo Fitzmaurice, winner of the Northern Art Prize 2011 and John Moores 2004 exhibitor; Julie Robson, art historian; and curator and artist, Magnus Quaife.

Andrew Bracey commented: “I am particularly interested in what drives the contemporary painter in light of painting’s long tradition, and what makes it relevant to contemporary life and culture – to ask why is painting still relevant and how has it shifted in recent years. I am also interested in how the vision of the lone painter in the studio is a romantic, traditional view of the artist, but is also largely true of contemporary practising artists.”

This year’s John Moores Painting Prize winner Sarah Pickstone will also be discussing her work and practice with Director of Art Galleries, Sandra Penketh. She will be sharing her thoughts on the John Moores’ role in contemporary painting.

Pickstone said: “The John Moores Painting Prize has a different feel to it this year. But perhaps I am a bit biased. Nevertheless I’d say there’s a great range of work in this show, which expands and plays with notions of what painting can be.

“I can’t help thinking about the thematic links and strong connections between all of us – the artists and the audience. That a group of entirely disparate minds can be put together in this coherent, beautiful exhibition is very interesting and quite inspiring really. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. I’m looking forward to hearing what people think, both from the panel and the audience.”

John Moores Painting Prize Summit, 2-4 November 2012, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.

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