From today, a-n’s new insurance policy provides all Artist and Arts Organiser members with insurance cover for working as a self-employed artist and/or insurance cover for working in other self-employed or freelance roles across the visual arts.

What does this mean?

Many artists and arts organisers supplement their income with other freelance work. Without the proper insurance in place, they may put themselves at professional risk or may not be eligible for some contracts and opportunities.

a-n’s insurance policy means that artists and arts organisers can take on additional work and be insured for these professional activities in the visual arts – giving peace of mind, saving the cost of a separate insurance policy, and protecting their business.

Examples include; working as a freelance curator, art handler, art technician, coach or mentor, consultant, project manager, artist’s agent, communications and marketing, art educator, creative facilitator, producer and arts fundraiser.

The insurance policy provides £10m Public and Products Liability (PPL) cover and £5m Professional Indemnity (PI) cover. For full details and example policy documents, visit 

Not yet a member?

92% of respondents to a-n’s Membership Survey 2023 selected insurance as one of the most useful membership services offered by a-n.

a-n members said:

“The insurance provided with a-n membership is excellent”

“As an artist selling work at markets and events, I mainly have an a-n membership for the PPL cover which I always find great value and best suited for artists.”

“I joined a-n because I needed reasonably priced insurance to cover the occasional selling of crafts.”

“I can’t imagine life without a-n! I’ve been a member for years now and it is a valuable resource. The insurance cover helps too.”

The cost for a-n Artist membership and Arts Organiser membership is £38. Find out more and join today