Lanternhouse announced the decission to “wind up its programme” via a statement on it’s website earlier today.

Chair, Denis McGeary said: “Lanternhouse staff have shown great resilience over the last 12 months, and continued to create a wide ranging programme of activities and events. The Board of Trustees now needs time to think what is best for Lanternhouse in the future.”

The statement continues: “Lanternhouse will now start to wind up its programme to end on 31March and cease trading from 1April 2012. We are currently talking to our partners, including artists and community groups, to make sure winding up is a smooth process. Lanternhouse is also trying to ensure some community arts projects survive and become a lasting legacy in Ulverston.”

Describing itself as “a centre for the research, development and production of art by artists, curators and creative thinkers” Lanternhouse evolved to its present form in 2006, growing out of its earlier incarnation as the headquarters of site-specific event producers Welfare State International.

The announcement comes in the run-up to next week’s ACE hosted ‘State of the Arts: Artists Shaping the World’ conference in Salford, that willdiscuss themes ranging from ‘Artists boosting the creative economy’ to ‘Artists shaping communities’.

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