Solitary Encounters
This day of presentations, conversations and provocations at OSR Projects in rural Somerset brings together artists, curators and cultural producers to discuss ideas of isolation and loneliness. Speakers include artist Mark Farid, whose latest work involves him wearing a virtual reality headset for two weeks, to experience life through the eyes and ears of one person. Abstract painter Angela Charles will talk about her experience of coming out as a blind painter after her sight deteriorated, while Gaada discuss its ‘remote rural’ work in Shetland. The seminar is part of Od Arts Festival 2020 – Alone with Everybody, which takes place from 15-17 May 2020.
13 March 2020, OSR Projects, Church Street, West Coker, Somerset BA22 9BD.

Journey into Landscape
This group exhibition at Bircham Gallery includes painting, ceramics and sculpture by seven artists. a-n member Susan Laughton, who originally trained as an architectural technician, shows 10 paintings including Fieldlines III (pictured above). The landscape is the starting point for her work, not as a picturesque or static view but as ‘a space travelled through and experienced.’ Also showing work are artists Nina Archer, Andrew Bird, Elaine Bolt, Celia Wilkinson, Keith Roper and Gordon Senior.
7-25 March 2020, Bircham Gallery, 14 Market Place, Holt, Norfolk.

Mars & Beyond
Mars & Beyond at The Bargehouse is a large-scale immersive exhibition of works by 30 artists who explore notions of the fate of the human race in the near future. Examining the science of our planet and presenting imaginative alternative futures, Mars & Beyond is based on the premise of looking back in time to the year 2020, offering artistic perspectives which consider solutions to the current state of planet Earth.
6-15 March 2020, The Bargehouse, Barge House Street, Oxo Tower, London SE1 9PH.

Enzo Marra, Deluge
This online exhibition hosted by Aleph Contemporary presents figurative paintings by artist Enzo Marra. His comic images are inhabited by characters that ‘conjure up Samuel Beckett’s pre-occupation with memory and its effect on the confined and observed self’. Marra describes his process and its effects as ‘trying to visualise the mental state of artists and the world they inhabit.’
2-15 March 2020, Aleph Contemporary.

1. Mark Farid, Seeing I. Photo: Sophie le Roux.
2. Susan Laughton, Fieldlines III.
3. Memories Can’t Wait.
4. Enzo Marra, Deluge Together, 2018, oil on panel, 36x28cm