Lindsay Seers: Monocular4, QUAD, Derby
Lindsey Seers’ film focuses on an unnamed man who has genetic mosaicism, a condition caused by the fusion of two fertilized eggs at an early stage of gestation in the womb. A sign of this having occurred is heterochromia – the possessing of eyes of two different colours, one of which is derived from the absorbed ‘twin’. Viewed in a tin hut re-situated in the gallery, Seers’ 2011 installation evokes this ‘ghost’ through dynamic digital imagery and sound.
Until 1 December,

Mierle Laderman Ukeles: Maintenance Works 1969-1980, Arnolfini, Bristol
Mierle Laderman Ukeles’ ‘maintenance art’ aimed to highlight otherwise overlooked aspects of social production, and famously included her piece Touch Sanitation, which involved shaking hands and thanking all those working in New York’s sanitation department. Ukeles was interested in how artists could use the concept of transference to empower people to act as agents of change, stimulating positive community involvement toward ecological sustainability.
Until 17 November,

Mounira al Solh/Sarah Forrest, CCA, Glasgow
This double solo show brings together the film works of Beirut artist Mounira al Solh and Glasgow-based Sarah Forrest, recipient of the inaugural Margaret Tait Residency in 2012. Syrian immigration in Beirut due to the ongoing civil war features in al Solh’s hectic multi-screen piece, while Forrest’s thoughtful two-screen installation explores the relationship between text and image with a particular focus on Jean-Paul Sartre’s novel Nausea. An accompanying film programme presents past work by both artists.
Until 10 November,

3am: wonder, paranoia and the restless night, Bluecoat, Liverpool
Explore the dark side of the human psyche with the Bluecoat’s latest exhibition, 3am. Demonstrating how this particular nocturnal hour has captured the imagination of artists, this group show explores various themes – psychological, sociological, natural and astronomical – to capture something of the strangeness of the night and the extraordinary range of emotions, states and experiences it witnesses. Featured artists include Francis Alÿs, Jordan Baseman, Paul Rooney and Fred Tomaselli.
Until 24 November,

Drawings: Hondartza Fraga & Paul Digby, East Street Arts Show Space, London
Paul Digby’s portrait drawings depict residents of the Chapeltown area of Leeds, with each person asked to express an emotion of their choice; these moving portraits reference Charles Darwin’s The Expressions of the Emotions in Man and Animals. Also on display is Hondartza Fraga’s drawings, which explore our individual and collective relationship to the world around us.
Until 11 October,

An Unnatural Theatre, Aid and Abet, Cambridge
Presenting the gallery as a stage of actions and encounters for audiences, and featuring sculpture, performance and film, An Unnatural Theatre tests the relationship between the moving and the fixed. Featuring artists Sophie Clements, CJ Mahony, Jorge Rivera and Alice Walton, the show explores common themes in their work, in particular the body’s relationship to space, scale, materiality and process.
Until 12 October,

Selections by Chris Sharratt and Jack Hutchinson