Sixty artists have been selected to exhibit in the Oriel Davies Open 2014, which takes place in Newtown, Mid Wales, 19 April – 18 June. The biennial open competition aims to showcase a breadth and diversity of artistic practice, with no set geographical or artistic parameters, and to represent both established and emerging practices. First Prize is £1,000 plus a solo show at Oriel Davies Gallery.

Among those selected are a-n+AIR members Sasha Bowles, Jessie Brennan, Nisha Duggal, Richard Higlett and Thomas Goddard, whose work also features in the next edition of Art Across the City – opening in Swansea in April. Seventeen of those selected are based in Wales, with the rest spanning the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Alongside the first prize, there is also a student prize of £750 – both prize winners will be announced at the public opening of the exhibition on 16 April. A £250 people’s choice prize will be announced towards the end of the exhibition’s run.

The selectors for Oriel Davies Open 2014 are: Deirdre Figueiredo (director, Craftspace); Helen Legg (director, Spike Island); Anthony Shapland (artist and co-director, g39); and Alex Boyd Jones (curator, Oriel Davies).

Oriel Davies Open: full list of artists

The full list of participating artists for the Oriel Davies Open 2014 is:

Caroline Allen, Kay Bainbridge, Jenny Baines, Kelly Best, Richard Bowers, Sasha Bowles, Jessie Brennan, Rachel Busby, Jane Cairns, Agnes Calf, Robert Cervera, David Cushway, Hannah Downing, Nisha Duggal, James Epps, Bob Gelsthorpe, Anne Gibbs, Thomas Goddard, Alastair John Gordon, Nigel Grimmer, Richard Higlett, Kathryn Hinton, Jim Howieson, Sarah Hughes, Shaun James, Neil Jones, Bernadette Kerrigan, Jin Eui Kim, John Lawrence, Sharon Leahy-Clark, Lawrence Leaman, Hywel Livingstone, Rosanna Martin, Eva Masterman, Guy Mayman, Neil McNally, Jackie Morris, Conrad Pack, Bharti Parmar, Susan Phillips, Nicole Polonsky, Chris Poolman & Elizabeth Rowe, Sara Rees, Ruaidhri Ryan, Abigail Sidebotham, Howard Silverman, Rebecca Sitar, Kristian Smith, Helen Snell, Josephine Sowden, Andre Stitt, Joan Sugrue, David Theobald, Charlie Godet Thomas, Clare Thornton, Alana Tyson, Paul Westcombe, Hanne Westergaard, Gwyn Williams, Maarten van den Bos.

Oriel Davies Open 2014, Oriel Davies Gallery, Newtown, 19 April – 18 June.