Following a major restructure last year triggered by the loss of its Arts Council England Renaissance funding Museums Sheffield is now facing a further 10% cut to its annual grant from Sheffield City Council. The Council currently provides £2m per year to the Trust, which runs three of the city’s museums and galleries: Millennium Gallery, Weston Park Museum and Graves Gallery.

Museums Sheffield is working on its business plan for the forthcoming financial year, and will make an announcement within the next fortnight on how they would deal with the proposed budget cuts.

“We’ll be working with the council to finalise plans that address the challenges ahead while continuing to safeguard the city’s museums and galleries for the people of Sheffield,” assures Chief Executive Kim Streets.

The City Council will vote on the proposals in March.

A recent crowd-funding campaign by Sheffield’s artist-led S1 Artspace, raised £6,800 of a target £15,000 in a bid to keep the not-for-profit gallery and studio space alive.

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