Tonight sees the opening of the sixth edition of The Other Art Fair – a platform for emerging artists to showcase their work to collectors, gallerists, curators and the general public. Taking place at the vast Ambika P3 space in Marylebone, London, the fair continues until 27 April. With a raft of associated talks and workshops including taxidermy, live tattooing and 3D printing, there is enough to keep everyone busy.

Ryan Stanier, director of The Other Art Fair, says what really makes the fair different is its commitment to the practitioners who exhibit. He explains: “Artists are at the forefront of every part of the process; it makes sense in many ways for the creator of an artwork to also be in control of how they curate, explain and sell their own pieces. Likewise, I think that visitors find it refreshing to be able to deal with the artists directly, fostering a friendly atmosphere and helping to create lasting relationships.”

Launched in November 2011, for this edition over 100 artists are taking part, with a focus on emerging artists of all ages – from new graduates to those who have taken up art later in life. “It provides a platform where they can not only sell their work, but also meet other artists and creative professionals,” says Stanier. “It also provides an invaluable opportunity to forge relationships with gallerists and collectors.”

Selected by artists

Somewhat uniquely, the 2014 selection committee are all artists themselves: Tracey Emin, Charming Baker, Zavier Ellis and Rob & Nick Carter. “They are able to offer unique insight into what it takes to become a successful artist within today’s over-saturated market. With such a fantastic set of panelists, the prospect of finding an undiscovered gem at the fair is more tangible than ever before.”

Exhibitors are also paired with mentors from The Courtauld Institute of Art and Sotheby’s Institute of Art to give one-to-one advice on pricing, self-representation and stand organisation. Stanier says this is part of a long-term commitment to the helping exhibitors’ careers. “Prior to each fair we run workshops and lectures for exhibitors with leading industry experts who talk to artists about their entrepreneurial approach. We have also just launched our online platform offering all participating artists the opportunity to sell their work online.”

Does Stanier have any advice for prospective buyers? “By purchasing artwork at the fair, you are directly supporting emerging artistic talent and contributing to the growing opportunities for these undiscovered artists. The Other Art Fair enables you to discover the most exciting new talent.” 

The Other Art Fair, 24-27 April, Ambika P3, 35 Marylebone Road, London, NW1.