I am an artist based in Glasgow, Scotland and graduated from the Glasgow School of art in 1999 with a BA(hons) in Sculpture. In 2019 I was awarded an MA in Fine Art from the University of the Creative Arts, London. My practice is based primarily in sculpture and film-making. My work is concerned with the construction and deconstruction of cultural identity, the ideological power relations that exist between the past and the present - struggles between past built environment (such as monuments and installations) and the current attitudes towards them, tensions that arise such as the construction and deconstruction of cultural identity. In making site visits, I come across objects where identity has clearly manifested itself. But whose identity is it? My sculptural and film works seek to explore this condition of loss and disappearance, where the past built environments become ‘sites of memory’. By accessing found texts and researching local archives, I create pastiche re-creations of places, objects and scenes through film and corollary sculptural ‘props’. Previous projects have involved exploring the frozen border conflicts in Armenia and Cyprus and more recently Cold War histories in Latvia. Glasgow