Born in Tanzania, Dipesh Pandya started his [im]migrant journey at the age of three, taking him to England, France, America and India. Sound, music and experimental writing techniques are integral to his artistic practice, drawing from research and reflection on ethnopoetics, sonics, sensory and auto-ethnography, cultural memory, ritual, incantation and linguistics. Pandya makes work using performance, spoken word, immersive multi-sensory installation, sound, text based video and clothing. Through a range of alter egos he explores disembodied chronologies, cosmologies and ghosts found in the oral and sonic histories of diasporic identity. Thinking through the politics of the street by using conversation and sound in public space as generative sites for research, performativity and dissemination through acts of dissent, protest and refusal; while celebrating living archives and exploring alternative methods for archival practice. Of East African South Asian heritage, his mother tongue is Gujarati; other tongues are Hindi, French and English. He currently lives and works in Cliftonville, Margate, on the south-east coast of England. Cliftonville, Margate, England