Fraser Renton is both an event organiser and an established independent artist. Since 2018, Fraser has been managing Sussex Art Fair, a yearly event held in May at Goodwood Racecourse, showcasing over 90 emerging and established artists, with 1000s of artworks for sale. Fraser also is a director of Art Surrey, a new yearly event held at Epsom Downs Racecourse in October. As an independent artist, Fraser loves abstract in all forms but Digital, Geometric, Hard Edge, 3D and Minimalist are what fascinates Fraser the most. Colour field plays a huge part in his experimentation and creation. Focusing on sharp lines, three dimensional shapes and multi layered optical illusions, Fraser prepares his visions digitally, before transferring these creations to ‘one-off’ original pieces. When creating sculptured tactile Geomesh Art, inspired by his late friend whom he collaborated with, Fraser hand moulds aluminium mesh that has been precision sprayed with acrylics and varnishes, creating a colour changing landscape of possibilities. The synergy when merging with geometrics, can create some stunning results! Fraser’s goals are to conceptualise, capture and design new and enticing art that delivers a capacity to create fascination, evoke deep thought through beauty as well as engage great emotion and distill mood for the viewers. For further details about Fraser's events and the art he creates, visit:

Sussex Art Fair
Art Surrey
Fraser Renton Art

West Sussex