Joanna Kori has a BA in Fine Art from the Ruskin School of Art, Oxford University, and an MA in Photography from the Royal College of Art, London, UK. She was a finalist in the Jerwood Sussex Arts prize in 2010, and winner of the Quay Arts’ Biennial Open Exhibition in 2015. She lives in Ventnor, Isle of Wight and is currently the Special Interest Freelance Artists & Artist Educators’ Representative (England) for engage (The National Association for Gallery Education). She is also a qualified teacher and digital learning specialist. Kori creates installations that blend physical and digital experiences. Her latest suspensions and reconstructed forms (cast using gumstrip tape coated in linseed oil) are empathetic studies of contemporary working and domestic scenes and objects that open a lived space between self and the world. They form part of a process of remembrance and recollection, an extracting of the significant from the transitory and the ephemeral. An important part of Kori’s art practice is drawing as a time-based activity, and she uses a variety of media and methods including interactive digital elements to enhance the gallery experience. Her solo show 'Future reCollections' is on at West Gallery, Quay Arts until 01/04/17. Ventnor