West Gallery, Quay Arts
Thursday, February 9, 2017
Saturday, April 1, 2017
Sea Street Newport Isle of Wight
South West England
West Gallery, Quay Arts

Theatrical suspensions, prints and digital interventions via QR codes respond to previous and current uses of the Quay Arts building, suggesting future histories for the viewer to consider. Kori describes the dynamics of making her installations as a “pendulum movement between casting and drawing with the gum-strip tape – an archaeology of touch.”

Visitor comments include:

  • I’ve seen the exhibition several times now but came in today and thought ‘Wow’! It is a super, fascinating exhibition
  • A wonderful exhibition, the revealing of everyday objects through casting, so well attended. A “must see”
  • Beautiful presentation. I like the effects caused by light shining through the materials used.
  • Love these unique, innovative sculptures by artist Joanna Kori. Joanna uses gummed tape, more traditionally used to stretch watercolour paper, to create these amazing forms! 
  • The tableaux have such presence and stillness. Beautiful.
  • How refreshing to see art that’s not made for hanging on your living room wall
  • I love it! This is my third visit and keep finding something new
  • Fascinating – love how it layers and weaves the history and stories
  • So delicate yet built from utilitarian materials. The hands and the birds are wonderful
  • Wonderful stuff. Captures the essence and ghost, of very alive human activities with infinite humour. Eternal and ephemeral
  • I love it! Archaeology meets memory, meets history – beauty and sadness. Thank you
  • Witty and clever exhibition. Beautifully done – layers of meaning as well as layers of material