Botanical Artist - Marianne Hazlewood is an RHS and BISCOT Gold award-winning botanical artist. She works with plants, sourcing and growing her subjects to learn their nature before referencing them for her illustrations. This time spent nurturing her subjects leads to a deep connection with them and insight into their growing cycle, which lends life and realism to her work. She gets very attached to both! Hazlewood specialises in detail. She creates photorealistic depictions of the plants with which she works to demonstrate the structures, patterns and tones within her specimens. She creates modern botanical illustrations with a number of media, complimenting her desire to document and spotlight particular details. Hazlewood favours a drybrush watercolour technique, producing faithful, true-to-life representations of her subjects. She also produces scientific pen and ink illustrations using architectural pens. Moreover she also creates less structured work using a dip pen and Japanese ink paste, which is a distinct step away from traditional botanical illustration and toward a more contemporary design ethic. Pattern and structure take prominence, allowing viewers more personal space for imaginative interpretation. More recently Hazlewood has taken some of her Japanese ink paste drawings through a further screen-printing process, blocking out forms and reintroducing tints to satisfy her love of colour and graphic styling. Edinburgh