Concentrates on four areas of concern. 1) The way in which structures of government, local government and arts policy administration work together to deliver the best possible result for the arts. 2) The ways in which taxation policy towards private and corporate support and philanthropy should break away from the restraints of Treasury regulations. 3) The role of education in the arts world and the arts in the education world. 4) The ways in which technology can aid the arts in new relationships with audiences. Amongst its recommendations, the report advocates that the Culture Department should be separated from the Sports Ministry; that major national regularly funded organisations should be funded directly by Government; and that tax and Gift Aid rules should be simplified to increase private giving. It recommends that the Treasury makes a five year settlement to the arts, (rather than current three year settlement). Written prior to the General Elections of 2010 and 2015, hindsight makes this appear a somewhat idealistic document.

John Tusa
Conservative Party
A new landscape for the arts