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Project management

I have to go and put a bid forward to my local council tomorrow for an art project. I will be building a largish art work for an event in November. It is a very short timescales given what is […]

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Pictures of… Illuminating art in Blackpool

As part of the LightPool project, which is introducing new projection mapping technology to Blackpool’s famous illuminations, Grundy Art Gallery has been transformed by a series of installation environments celebrating artists’ fascination with the properties of light.

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A Q&A with… Liz West, artist

Manchester-based Liz West has opened her highest value commission to date at Bradford’s National Media Museum – the immersive light-based installation, An Additive Mix. She speaks to Pippa Koszerek about the making process, starting out and making the jump to full-time artist.

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‘Flight’ an installation

I will be taking down ‘Flight’ on Wednesday, and it will be set up for a week at Beach Creative, in Herne Bay, to counter-balance an exhibition of illustrations for a book about ‘Tommy Atkins’ by the artist Albany Wiseman. […]

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Flight at St Mary’s Church Lower Hardres Kent

Wrapping up the 306 feathers yesterday, as I laid them out they looked strangely human, and all too like the pictures I’ve seen in the media this year, from the Ukraine, and Syria. So this is my penultimate project for […]

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