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Why Art Therapy is Not Just For ‘Sick’ People

Art therapists cannot hope to help develop community cure if we only provide services to a select few who have had to go through crisis and medicalisation for the art therapist to pick up the pieces. Early intervention and prevention […]

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How illustrating helped me with severe depression

Last year, I gave a talk about my life at a Meet-up event to an audience of about 80 people.  There were many things I was excited to share with the people there, like the time I lived in Japan, […]

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Object-ive therapeutics.

Today The Museum seeks to follow on from the excerpts from Philipa Perry’s article on transitional objects, which was posted a few blog posts back. In doing so I delve back to an article I wrote as a special feature […]

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Hell in the Sand

I’m excited to unpack Barcelona in a Bag in a new blog space. Transferring from an artist’s page on FaceBook is an action imbued with mixed emotions. I’ve loved every minute of gathering a community of friends around my project […]

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Emotional learning

Iniva and A Space have produced a new set of Emotional Learning Cards, following the success of the first set ‘What do you feel?’.

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