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Melby Beach, Shetland

Getting into the feel of the island by taking Buttercup the Beetle (that’s my car) on an exploration of the west coast here on mainland Shetland. I drove to the end of one of the roads and chanced upon Melby, […]

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Hello from Shetland

I’m writing in the middle of a brisk rain and wind episode that makes the waves outside my window look like they’re about to hop up and step in for tea. Yes, it’s January in Scalloway harbour on Shetland, so […]

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Rewild All Brownfield and Common Land in England Petition

Update: 18/01/22: The petition is going pretty well, considering I haven’t pushed it so much yet. I am starting to use it when emailing people about the project (so other organisations, etc., and I will return to pushing it shortly, once I […]

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How long do you keep work before binning it?

How long do you keep your work? Despite all the money spent over the years making artwork buying materials and so on, ultimately I have a lot of it just taking up space. I feel that the best thing to […]

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