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Plymouth Art Weekender: an ambitious event in a changing city

The inaugural Plymouth Art Weekender presents work across the city by over 400 local, national and international artists. Artist and AIR Council member Steven Paige welcomes this audacious new festival and looks at how the city’s visual art ecology has developed in the five years since British Art Show 7.

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The South West Scene

I wrote this for axisweb: The South West Scene From the closure of established arts organisations to the freezing of Discretionary Business Rates Relief (DBRR), recent times have been challenging for the contemporary arts across the UK. And the South […]

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Pockets of disorder: The history of adventure play

Adventure playgrounds, or junk playgrounds, as they were known, began life as occupied building sites, wastelands and bombsites that had been colonised by city children looking for interesting and adaptable spaces in which they could play in relative privacy away from adults.

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Seeing the Wood for the Trees
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Ecology examined

Martin Prothero, whose approach to his practice was featured in a-n’s Artist’s stories in 2003, was one of eight artists commissioned to carry out research projects for RANE (Research in Art Nature & Environment).

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