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Threads Salon, Turner Contemporary, April 2018

“Salons of the same quality as we witnessed on 20th April 2018 in Margate are the reason why these gatherings of restless creative minds generate so much energy and collective knowledge.”

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Artist crit group

Hi All I am trying to start an artist crit group in Northwest Cumbria. I am looking for people who are open minded and generally postive, and would like to discuss their own and other peoples work. I am looking […]

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  Examining Louisa’s work. Engine ChatChat EngineChatChat is a facilitated peer crit where artists can share ideas, ask questions and get feedback from a small group of peers. An informal atmosphere and constructive conversation is encouraged. This is a dedicated space […]

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Triad Crit

The most recent crit we have had took very different structure to all so far on the course. The idea being that 3 people take part – a speaker, a responder and a listener. The speaker speaks about their work […]

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Angels and demons – group crit

One positive, successful aspect of the work and one negative or problematic aspect for discussion. Anonymously (or intended to be). Quite a balanced way of providing a platform for discussion – although the tendency to become defensive is surely there. […]

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Day 7 – Kurt Schwitters Merz Barn Residency

On the last day on my residency at the Merz Barn in Cumbia it was time to reflect on my thoughts over the duration of the week. As I mentioned in a previous post, I had stapled a huge sheet […]

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