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I have a great interest in the things that I find in the field and many questions about them. Often questions about what my own interest in them is about and what for? In previous research my focus and impulse […]

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Untitled blog post from "Field Notes"

There is something meditative about being in this field. A slightly altered state of mind. Rhythms form over time, linked by the experiences of previous visits. Revisiting drives my growing curiosity. I visit those areas I have been before, those […]

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So, what is Impressionism?

A friend linked my recent series of photos to Impressionism. So, what is Impressionism? Impressionistic list:  ‘An art of immediacy and movement’ (1) Capturing the ‘sensory effects of a scene’ (2) The impressions objects make ‘in a fleeting instant’ (3)- […]

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What’s the relevance of liminal space to this project?

Train journeys can be liminal. I’m shifted; removed from the environment of home, travelling towards another kind of space. Somewhere between leaving and arriving I transmute into another version of myself; one with different roles and responsibilities. Structure isn’t absent […]

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Liminal space

I want to investigate my new photographic work in more detail to understand what’s driving it. I’ll do this by asking myself a series of questions. Question 1: what is liminal space? Liminal: The ‘threshold of a physiological or psychological […]

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An investigation into edgelands, non-places and spaces traversed on the way to somewhere else. How can film be used to create collages about such places and how can the limitations of the camera influence what is captured?

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