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There isn’t any a situation that is needier in our contemporary society than our relationship with the other species on this planet. Our intolerance and maltreatment of ‘others’ be they human ‘others’ or animal ‘others’ is the single most important […]

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The Artist, The Pianist and the Bass Player

  AUDIOBLOG – Please click here I have often asked, of specific people, and of the world, through social media, “How do people cope with the world if they aren’t artists?” It is a genuine question, as my response to […]

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‘A Digital Suicide’ is the term that refers to the elimination of one’s information online, namely social networking sites such as facebook or twitter. The project is generously supported by Arts Council of England

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Hell in the Sand

I’m excited to unpack Barcelona in a Bag in a new blog space. Transferring from an artist’s page on FaceBook is an action imbued with mixed emotions. I’ve loved every minute of gathering a community of friends around my project […]

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