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  • Venue:
    Edinburgh Assembly Rooms
  • From:
    November 23, 2018
  • To:
    November 24, 2018
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Colour Matching at Seagulls

Yellow has been a prevalent colour from the very outset of my residency. One of the most poignant ‘rubbish conversations’ and objects I’ve photographed to date is this paint tin of ‘Oro Antico’ [Antique Gold] which is a mustard colour. […]

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What would make the biggest difference?

To me a coaching conversation is a dialogue with your best Self. For an artist I think this is an absolutely crucial opportunity. It can be very tricky sharing unformed ideas with friends, colleagues, other artists, partners and so on. […]

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Buried Treasure

Still working on my piece for the M.U.D exhibition at the end of this month, the piece looks at how we place value on items such as those we use to drink out of and have take away food in. […]

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Sand of Time

Currently working on the theme of memory with a few paintings in particular. At this stage I am combining ‘found objects’ to use the artistic convention, with a base layer of texture provided by sand.  The objects are a combination […]

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