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unincorporated constitutional body

Myself and another artist are embarking on a series of community projects and the Local Authority have recommended we become an unincorporated constitutional body to make it easier for them to fund us. We have a constitution, steering group and […]

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Funding & Grants for Artists

Is anyone aware of grants/funding available for individual artists? There are a wide range of funding opportunities on offer, from numerous private and publicly financed organisations, with amounts varying from a few hundred pounds to over £100k, providing you are […]

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art Arts Council grants taxable?

I was lucky enough to be offered a £3000 research and development grant from Arts Council of Wales – when I mentioned it to my accountant saying ‘Oh grants aren’t taxable’ he replied no, most grants ARE taxable, but not […]

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Blog Post

Dodge the Shredder

I spent an enjoyable last Friday on A-N’s Granted: Dodge the Shredder training session led by the fascinating and engaging Emilia Telese. It’s about improving the chances of successful grant applications but its lessons translate throughout one’s practice. I got […]

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