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Can artists levitate?

Lloyds Bank recently bought a double page spread in the Guardian weekend magazine (18.11.17) “Spread your wings with a portfolio career”. This advert, written like a magazine article, contains all the usual elements and advice about starting a portfolio career; […]

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Does anyone here use Patreon to raise funds?

Does anyone here use Patreon successfully? I’ve started an account to try to gain financial support to pay my studio rent but I’m not entirely sure how it works. I can see people making $2000 a month from people paying […]

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Big Artists Survey 2011

Summary of key findings of the 2011 AIR artists’ advisory group and a-n survey of its 16,500 membership to better understand the conditions and concerns of artists.

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Research Working practice

Art work in 2007

A review of the changing face of work for visual artists using a-n’s regularly researched and published information on jobs and opportunities. Presents an analysis of the key findings for 2007, concentrating on the work areas tracked since 1989, and opportunities such as fellowships, commissions, competitions, exhibitions and residencies.

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