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Makers HeadRoom

Just what is it makes Makers HeadRoom so different, so appealing? Makers HeadRoom is an online group for makers in any medium and any genre.  It’s not a club, it’s not exclusive and it doesn’t cost anything to join in. […]

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Shock and Awe

AUDIOBLOG – Please click here My friend Jill sent me a message from Venice, telling me she was heading to Florence today. My heart cried out to be transported there instantly! Now, I’m a real contemporary art girl. Defo. But…. […]

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Made in the Fens

A new project which I’m really looking forward to doing.
Researching, documenting and practising the skills used to make items for life in the fens: useful, decorative or both. Focussing particularly on the Ouse Washes landscape.

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Craft on the new frontier: confidence and courage required

Crafts Council’s recent Make:Shift conference in London addressed how new technologies are driving innovation in craft practice. Inspired by the two-day event, Mike Press of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design reflects on the challenges and possibilities that lie ahead.

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