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Locations and demarcations

When I first started thinking about starting the AWG, I secretly hoped that the locations in which we met would have an impact, such that the meetings become just as much about ‘how do we use this space?’ and ‘how […]

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Alice Gale-Feeny: Artist Bursary 2018

Research informing long-term projects on the relationship between voice, improvisation and architecture, looking at notions of community. Supporting the development of the Artist Working Group, a London-based group who meet in houses and galleries around shared meals.

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Untitled blog post from "Project Me"

This afternoon I am taking ‘Play‘ to Stockholm.  It is going to be shown at a one day performance event: The Cat Café.  I do not understand how the day will be, however I trust Pontus who is organising it […]

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Closing thoughts…

So the emailing begins trying to re-connect with contacts in Finland and finding the right people to talk to in Manchester. I have had some amazing contacts from Julie Ward NW Labour MEP who has helped network me with Geoffrey […]

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