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A Q&A with… Rachel Howard, abstract painter reflecting an unstable world

Rachel Howard’s paintings reference an unstable and violent world, drawing on political events and the devastation of war. With two current London exhibitions at Blain Southern and Newport Street Gallery, Fisun Güner talks to the artist about what inspires her work and how her early experience painting spots for Damien Hirst influenced her approach.

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Abstract paintings – the Colour of Cohesion?

John Hoyland: Power Stations, Painting 1964 – 1982 Newport Street Gallery Newport Street London SE11 6AJ Advance Town 29.3.80, Acrylic on cotton duck, 84 x 78 inch (2134 x 1981 mm) Firstly, the exhibition. John Hoyland: Power Stations, Paintings 1964 –1982, […]

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