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Copyright agreement for commissioned map

I have been commissioned to paint a large map of an estate, and would like to draw up an agreement for the licensing and usage of the image before payment is finalised. Could anyone recommend a template or an adviser […]

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license advice

Hi.  Someone has asked me if they can buy a few of my digital prints to be blown up and used in a hotel.  They have asked for the license price – but i’ve never sold in the way before. […]

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DACS warns against changes to copyright royalties

The Design and Artists Copyright Society warns that artists could face a loss of income following changes to licensing mandates, and is urging artists to compete an online survey as part of its work to secure payments.

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AIR members get Payback

Sarah Burgess, David Cotterrell, Peter Hill and David Watson were amongst 186 AIR members who successfully claimed Payback in 2009, the first year that AIR has been a recognised collection agency for this scheme run by DACS – Design and Artists Copyright Society.

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