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The Non-Eating of Beetroot as a Political Act

AUDIOBLOG – Please click here I ask the questions of myself, fully aware that memory plays tricks on us, and that reality is changed by events before and after, so that an incident fits more readily with our self image…… […]

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can I do it?

Everything all at once.  I have realised I am not very good at introducing my work (currently reading ‘The Art Rules’ by Paul Klein).  One of my aims this year is to get my work into at least 6 shows/venues […]

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Line, so far

The collection is growing and visual themes are emerging. Collage Line neutral larger board Line colour larger board Line neutral/ collections on board Line B&W mini board Line colour plus B&W mini Line Neutral + colour + shape and words […]

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Connecting the threads

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking recently about my work and it’s left me feeling stuck. I am at a point now where I have started to pick apart my practice and really begin to understand what my artistic concerns […]

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Practice means PRACTICE

An exploration of why I do the things that I do. I aim to undertake a regular studio practice and to document it here, in order to investigate what elements of my work are important and what I’m drawn to aesthetically and thematically.

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