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Art & Design Conference @ The Collection, Lincoln

Last month I was invited to give an hour’s talk about the Peace Painting project at the annual Paradigm Arts Art & Design Conference at The Collection Museum and Art gallery, Lincoln. Images and experiences are in this blog Recent […]

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Peace Painting workshops at Priory Witham Academy

Last week, I ran a series of Peace Painting workshops at Priory Witham Academy, organised by Paradigm Arts, who are funding the work. I worked with Paradigm Arts last year for a series of after schools comics workshops for my […]

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Peace Painting Project

A new international project I’m trying to initiate with Catrine Gangsto for Peace Painting

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To do with funding…

Someone asked me or maybe they told me, I can’t now quite remember how it was phrased… “Funding makes you lazy” First off, that made me a bit cross…. Anyone who has completed an ACE application form, successfully or otherwise […]

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