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In Brief: Birmingham to host disabled-led arts festival; Shenzhen Biennale curator fired over sexual misconduct allegations

News briefing with national and international stories, including: Sonia Boyce speaks out about Hylas and the Nymphs controversy ahead of Manchester Art Gallery retrospective; Nesta recommends arts organisations should create a ‘culture of digital experimentation’; London-based arts and textile tutor named ‘world’s best teacher’.

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A Q&A with… Sonia Boyce, artist, academic, and improviser

With a solo show at ICA and as part of a group exhibition at Eastside Projects, Sonia Boyce is exploring ideas around play, improvisation and sculpture – including a collaborative project with ukuele-playing skateboarders. Anneka French talks to the artist during the first of two lively, nerve-wracking performances in Birmingham, as skaters fly by and instruments are played.

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