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Thinking back to this time last year when I was just about to begin my activity with the support of an a-n Artist Bursary and to the steps forwards that is has enabled me to take. As well as developing my practice it has enabled me to pay other artist for their time and expertise, building my networks and contributing to sustaining other artists practices.

I have joined a performance group with Adrian Look as a dancer in a work he is choreographing for a public sharing on 11 April at The Place, London. I have created a number of solo, duet and trio works as part of the work.

A series of contact points with Eddie Peake have facilitated on on-going conversation with an other artist working in a multi-media way. It has given me a platform to pick out my stronger work and to think about how to present my practice to interested parties. It has also highlighted the slow progression of the work between meetings and the time that I need to make available if I am to scale up the ambition of my work. I have developed a plan to facilitate this and have submitted a bid to ACE’s Develop Your Creative Practice fund.

And deepening my acquaintance with Katja Larsson have allowed my to close my knowledge gap with the new materials I am making as well and building a new peer connection for talking about work. I am already starting to think about new ways of bringing together the flat shapes that I am making together with more three dimensional shapes, some of which I tried out in a pop up show in a tower block carpark on the invitation of Recreational Grounds.