As an introduction before we say more about our project and partners in it, we’ll introduce ourselves and give some examples of previous related work.  Penny Hallas and I are both posting about the project – sometimes shared material, sometimes different. Take a look at her post for  her work…

At the heart of my practice is the drawing out of narratives collective and personal.  This involves processes of painting, drawing, animation, printmaking and sculpture. Dark humour usually bubbles up, along with a sense of the uncanny and disquiet.

Glutton  oil on canvas, 80×100 cm

My interest in unconscious narratives that guide interpretation of reality relates to my love of outsider art, visionary art that re-imagines the universe through animistic objects and images that feel alive, such as Emery Blagdon’s Healing Machine. Residencies at Gloucester Cathedral, Shaftesbury Abbey and Ynys Enlli developed my interest in thin places and hermit saints, & later led to a collaborative art project with contemporary people who hear voices through Mind and the Hearing Voices Network

They leak through me  booklet cover, 24x13cm

I worked at Cardiff ATTIC, a project and gallery space dedicated to exploring personal, cultural and scientific understandings of the mind and the spectrum of mental health and mental illness.

Growth  kinetic sculpture, mixed media

My experience of working with people through teaching in higher education, residencies, schools and community arts projects will be broadened further through  A Private Land. I am really looking forward to the collaborative nature of the project, building on my creative exchanges with writers, which has provided extensive material for ongoing artwork.