Some of my concerns to do with care, ecofeminism and place took me to the CAA conference in New York to discuss in a very supportive context my work and test my ideas.

Here I also finally met with the incredible Virginia Held, care ethics and feminist Philosopher, whose research greatly influenced my recent work.

I was very privileged to spend time with her, as we discussed motherhood, micro-economy and the changing context in the current political climate.

Held told me: “I look at why the ethics of care would require us to look very very differently at the social contract.  Looking at the economy from the perspective of care … how we would have to think differently at the economy. You emphasise some of this, in thinking at relatedness rather than the individual. The current economical system is so unsatisfactory as is not at all about care, is based on self-interest… so this is just an example, but you could look at how care would require a rethinking of things all over the place, and I find that really interesting” (extract from  the recorded dialogue)

Care is also at the basis of an ecofeminist approach and can help to define a unit for a new and alternative measuring system, based on new criteria, within a wider attempt to rethink the way we relate to one another and the environment we live in.


image: ‘untitled’ 2019 (9.16×15 cm,  folded cardboard), Elena Cologni

Intraplaces: Ecofeminism, Care, and Spatialized Art