After my research into using destruction as a method of creating art, I decided to play around with everyday materials.  I took so old magazines and altered these through ripping and building up layers and then stitching together as a form of repair.  I found the outcomes interesting, although the glossy magazine format, colours, and graphics are not necessarily the focus of the works.  I decided I was more interested in the materiality of the magazine, the fact that it is an ephemeral object, with a finite lifespan, so in a way, it has a sense of fragility.  By machine stitching through the layers I actually ended up destroying some of the paper, ripping it and causing knots to form.  I chose to stitch the paper, as in a way sewing causes damage by making many holes in a material, yet I was also considering stitching as a method of repair.

Theoretically, I feel that my ideas were actually stronger than the outcomes, but I have been inspired to work with more layers and materials in my work to give each surface a history of its own.