Some of the photo negatives were contained within a brown paper bag.  I decided to scan the translucent bag into the computer with a negative inside it.  I created a digital image of the negative within the bag.  I decided that I’d like the image in the bag to be a positive photograph, and not just the negative image which is harder to distinguish.  To achieve this, I scanned the empty paper bag and saved this image.  I then scanned the photo negative, cropped and inverted it into a positive image.  Then using photo editing software, I overlaid the two separate images, to create the illusion of the photograph in a paper bag.  Since the negative is on film, the positive image is still partially transparent, so the paper bag shows through it.  The idea of overlaying the photographic image with the paper bag became quite metaphorical, playing with the idea of fading memories and nostalgia.  The brown paper softens the image and obscures it slightly.  I repeated this with several other negatives to create a series of digital images.  I have then printed these out to once again to form a physical copy.