Back to it

Unfortunately I had to take a break in the commission for a few weeks, which has pushed the completion date back to January. So getting back to looking at the edit in process on Wednesday was refreshing. The unplanned reflection space has allowed me to think about some of the elements I have put together and how successful they are.

I have received a number of images from the Parliamentary Archives / Norfolk Record Office, 3 of the 5 commissioners are represented in a portrait, as the files came through they were numbered but not named and I spent sometime allocating images to the three commissioners. I guessed the Yallop correctly, but had De Hague and Martineau mixed up. Something happens when an image of a person from history appears, perhaps a deeper sense of connection? My favorite commissioner has been Elisha De Hague (mainly for his charitable work) but it’s the Martineau portrait which i find the most interesting.

It seems no portraits exist for Herring and Bland, but this reflects the nature of working with historical material – there are always gaps and we can use our imagination to consider what these two other men might have looked like. I suggested in the proposal meeting back in November that we could use these portraits in the final edit which seemed to be well received. So they have been slotted in already and it is working well.

I don’t currently have any information about the artists of the portraits (or the dates) which I will need to add to my to do list and add in the information when I have it.