The launch event and the final post

We had the launch event today. It was a good opportunity to show the final artwork and for me to talk about the process. I like artist talks and use them to elaborate but not to explain necessarily. It was good to be able to draw out some wider research I undertook into the nature of archives and to share the editing processes.

Showing the artwork at a larger scale on the projection screen was odd, it was designed to be seen at Youtube scale, and I’ve been editing in that scale for the duration of the project also. It becomes something different at a large scale but good to see never the less. Opens up new possibilities for new projects. And this is where I find myself, people keep asking me what is next. After a bit of a rest I have some other projects on the go to move forward, but also I’ll be back at Norfolk Record Office to follow up Chase’s Directories and look at the Norfolk Annals some more. I also want to make another trip to Parliamentary Archives so I can follow up a relative who was a MP sometime in the relatively recent past.

There was talk at the launch about the digital preservation that is a central part of this project. The preservation copy will allow the artwork to be re-made in different formats in the future as necessary. My question is at what point might a decision be made not to re-make the artwork in a new format.

There was a conversation about recording my talk, it would offer a good contextual reference for anyone looking at this artwork in 50 or 100 years time. It didn’t happen at the launch but I may do a Q&A which is recorded in the next month or so.

This project has truly been an Artist Response, the project board trusted me when at interview I couldn’t exactly tell them what they would get. Being a process led artist all I can do is say how I usually work, what I am interested in and how I document everything. This was enough to secure the commission and the project board allowed me to be led by the process of the research, of working with the group – the History Detectives and the walking tours and the conversations.

My final paragraph of this blog is for thanks. To the History Detectives who were so generous with their time, knowledge and enthusiasm for the project and to the staff at the Parliamentary Archives, Curators Office and Norfolk Record Office for their ongoing support and dedication to the project.